Who Are We?


The owner/operator of CAN-ADA.IO and it’s MAPLE stake pool operation. I’m an enthusiastic supporter of decentralized systems and have become involved in Cardano in large part due to a strong belief it’s vision for the future and the measured scientific approach to it’s design. I have set up this stake pool operation as a piece of a larger portfolio of projects I am creating and intend to deploy on the Cardano ecosystem.

My perspective is that simply running a stake pool does not entitle me to anything other than enough ADA to recover my server operation costs, which the 340 ADA per epoch minimum fixed fee covers, and 4% to 5% of my stake annually, which the low variable fee is looking to recover from a small delegation of supporters which would alternatively be obtained from staking to another operation.

Everyone participating in this decentralization process as an operator is taking a leap of faith that their work will bear some fruit, which means at the very least a recovery of costs. Anything more is nice, but before I can reasonably be in any position to ask for more, I have to prove to you that I offer some value to the ecosystem that goes beyond simply running a standardized stake pool operation. As such, for the time being, simply keeping the operation afloat is enough to justify keeping it active.

This reasoning justifies our aggressively low fees.


Why Cardano?


The problem holding back the cryptocurrency space today is the lack of mass adoption, and this a problem Cardano appears to be poised to solve.

Ethereum offers the largest selection of useful dapps at the moment, however executing transactions on the network continues to come at the cost of high gas fees and, more often than not, slow transaction processing time. There is also a distinct lack of applications which bear any specialized utility which solves a problem large enough, well enough, to attract a large enough audience to drive mass adoption.

Cardano’s transaction fees by comparison are much more manageable, and can continuously be adjusted to remain so as the value of the underlying ADA token rises. Low fees are essential to making any useful dapp consumable by a mainstream audience.

The same logic applies to the speed at which transactions are resolved. Living in a world where standardized banking operations settle transactions for us in just a few seconds at most, we should expect nothing less from the cryptocurrencies of the future if we wish for them to be seriously considered as a useful means of exchange. Cardano is working on solving this problem as well, and may very well be able to achieve the transaction speeds necessary for mass adoption.

With the upcoming release of the Goguen era to the network in a few months, the ability to deploy smart contracts will finally arrive to Cardano. From this, a new marketplace for a new generation of dapps will emerge.


What Do We Offer?


I’ve built my career as a developer specializing in the field of game development. As such, my primary focus will be to leverage this experience to build games for the Cardano network. I believe there is value in creating interesting and meaningful experiences and I see cryptocurrencies, used as a secure means of exchange, as providing a useful dimension to the games I want to create.
My personal obsession lies with the idea of persistence in virtual worlds. My entire life, I’ve engaged with countless simulations in which some aspect of the core gameplay hinged on creative contributions. All these contributions remain isolated, experienced only by me and, at times, a handful of close friends. Eventually, all of these contributions become lost to time, as our attention inevitably shifts and we move on to other more interesting things and pressing concerns.

I have ideas on how to solve these problems as a central part of my game designs and my current project, a turn based strategy game inspired by some of my favourite board games, will be the first step towards proving these concepts. I am very excited to share more details and I look forward to showing off prototypes in the coming weeks.

I intend for this project to serve as a stepping stone towards more ambitious ideas, spanning a variety of genres, which I’m excited to see realized. I look forward to sharing these with you in the coming months and years.


How Will We Succeed?


Success will come from creating worthy, engaging products for which there is an audience, which is an exceptionally challenging undertaking.

To get there, I am leveraging my extensive experience as a software developer in the game development industry to prototype, iterate upon and validate my ideas while also reaching out to supportive colleagues in order to drive collaboration as a means of sharing and learning from our unique perspectives and experiences.

The game industry is a tough place to make a career. I’ve been very fortunate to have known a great many talented developers, creators, and entrepreneurs, to which I owe much and from which I draw inspiration.


I feel an obligation to step forward and bring my ideas to life as the culmination of my professional contribution to my chosen field of work. It hasn’t been easy, there have certainly been some difficult and dark times, but through all the pain, I still enjoy making games, so I will continue to do so for myself and for the world.

This is how I choose to use my voice.

I can only hope it proves worthy enough of lending it your ears.

Thank you for your support.