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A Canadian owned and operated Cardano stake pool

Your success is our priority

Your ADA belongs to you as do the returns you stand to gain from staking with us. As such we will always offer a competitive low fee variable rate to ensure that you can pocket more of the rewards earned from staking with our pool.

We believe in the long term vision and potential of Cardano and we are committed to growing the ecosystem alongside you and our fellow stake pool operators. A more equitable, decentralized global future is within our reach.

Let’s work together and see it realized.

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Extensive IT and software development experience.


Our secure cloud based infrastructure is designed to ensure continuous stake pool operations at all times.

Low fees

Low fees mean you will always earn more staking with us.


As the Cardano ecosystem grows, so will we. All the rewards we earn go back into improving our stake pool operation for you.

The future belongs to all of us

A living decentralized financial network, whose integrity and security, by design, rests with those possessing the knowledge and passion to see it maintained for the sake of all, provides opportunity for everyone.

As the Internet continues to shrink our world, bringing us closer and closer together, technologies which further break down barriers allowing us to cooperate effectively and  transact equitably in a reliably secure way will continue to revolutionize our world.

Cardano brings to life pioneering peer reviewed scientific research to the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology with the goal of building a decentralized platform for the benefit of the entire world.

Join us in growing the decentralized future together!